How do I replace the 13675 oxygen sensor in my Chevrolet 08 Malibu

Maintaining your Chevrolet 08 Malibu is essential for optimal performance and fuel efficiency. One critical component that might require attention is the 13675 oxygen sensor. In this guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to replace the 13675 oxygen sensor in your Chevrolet 08 Malibu, ensuring your vehicle continues to run smoothly.

Understanding the 13675 Oxygen Sensor

The 13675 oxygen sensor is a vital part of your vehicle’s emissions control system. It measures the oxygen levels in the exhaust gases and sends this data to the engine control unit (ECU). This information helps the ECU adjust the air-fuel mixture for efficient combustion and reduced emissions.

Tools and Preparation

Before replacing the 13675 oxygen sensor, gather the necessary tools and ensure you have a safe workspace. Here’s what you’ll need:

Jack and jack stands (if necessary)

Wrench or socket set

Oxygen sensor socket

Penetrating oil (to loosen stubborn sensor)

Safety gloves and goggles

Ensure your Chevrolet 08 Malibu is parked on a flat surface and the engine is cool before starting the replacement process.

Replacing the 13675 Oxygen Sensor

Follow these steps to replace the 13675 oxygen sensor in your Chevrolet 08 Malibu:

Locate the Sensor: The 13675 oxygen sensor is typically found in the exhaust system, either before or after the catalytic converter. Consult your vehicle’s service manual or follow the exhaust pipe from the engine to locate it.

Disconnect the Electrical Connector: Carefully unplug the electrical connector from the sensor.

Remove the Old Sensor: Use the oxygen sensor socket and a wrench or socket set to carefully remove the old sensor. Apply penetrating oil if the sensor is stuck due to rust or corrosion.

Install the New Sensor: Thread the new 13675 oxygen sensor into the same location. Ensure it is tightened securely but avoid over-tightening to prevent damage.

Reconnect the Electrical Connector: Plug the electrical connector back into the new sensor.

Clear Error Codes: If you had a check engine light on due to the old sensor, use an OBD-II scanner to clear any error codes.

Test Drive: Take your Chevrolet 08 Malibu for a test drive to ensure that the new 13675 oxygen sensor is functioning correctly.


Replacing the 13675 oxygen sensor in your Chevrolet 08 Malibu is a straightforward task that can have a significant impact on your vehicle’s performance and emissions. Regular maintenance and timely sensor replacements are essential for ensuring your vehicle runs efficiently and complies with emissions standards. If you’re uncomfortable performing this replacement yourself, consider seeking professional assistance to ensure the job is done.

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