The 17358 OE broadband oxygen sensor fits perfectly to enhance your Ford C-Max driving experience

The Ford C-Max is a popular compact utility vehicle launched by the Ford Motor Company. It’s engineered to deliver excellent fuel economy and comfort to meet the needs of both family and city drivers. For those owners of a Ford C-Max, the 17358 OE Broadband Oxygen Sensor is a reliable and high-quality choice.

The 17358 OE Broadband Oxygen Sensor is an advanced sensor device for measuring the oxygen content in engine exhaust. It is designed to fit Ford C-Max Model Year 2014,2015,2016,2017,2018. This means that no matter what year of Ford C-Max you own, you can use this oxygen sensor to improve your vehicle’s performance.

Ford C-Max uses 17358 OE Broadband Oxygen Sensor to improve fuel economy and performance

Using the 17358 OE Broadband Oxygen Sensor can significantly improve fuel economy and performance. It uses a broadband design to more precisely monitor and control the vehicle’s air/fuel mixture ratio. By optimizing the combustion process, this oxygen sensor can help improve fuel efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and provide a smoother driving experience. This is a great value for Ford C-Max owners, whether on city roads or long-distance travel.

17358 OE Broadband Oxygen Sensor makes Ford C-Max environmentally friendly and reduces emissions

In addition to improving fuel economy and performance, the 17358 OE Broadband Oxygen Sensor also helps make the Ford C-Max more environmentally friendly. By accurately monitoring the oxygen content of the exhaust, it can help the engine control system to control the combustion process more effectively, thereby reducing the emission of harmful gases. This is crucial to reducing the negative impact of vehicles on the environment and improving air quality.

The 17358 OE Broadband Oxygen Sensor is constructed of durable stainless steel material for exceptional durability and reliability. Its compact size and lightweight design make installation and use very easy. This sensor is engineered to ensure long-term accurate readings and reliable performance, both under a wide range of driving conditions and throughout the life of the vehicle.

In summary, the 17358 OE Broadband Oxygen Sensor is a must-have accessory for Ford C-Max owners that improves fuel economy, improves performance, and makes the vehicle greener. Whether it is to keep the vehicle running normally or to better protect the environment, this oxygen sensor is a reliable choice. Whether you’re doing routine maintenance or retrofitting an upgrade, the 17358 OE Broadband Oxygen Sensor will provide your Ford C-Max with outstanding performance and reliability.